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We can do better!

Dear reader, media executive,

Tribe of Noise is facilitating over 30,000 artists from 194 countries. Talents who are passionate about making music, who like to share their creativity and emotions with their fans.

It’s our mission to support them with healthy (new) business models, build an ecosystem in which technology and our network of partners enables them to make a living and create more pieces of art.

If we succeed together, videographers and other media makers around the world can include high quality music in their media project and inspire even a bigger audience. As a social responsible technology company we think and act “musician-centric”. We support passionate and talented creatives. And in this process we hope to inspire you, launch a partnership and replace production music libraries or AI powered music generators with “real music”.

Below are music samples from our Tribe community. And I realize, the moment I hit the publish button on this page I missed tens of thousands of other Tribe songs. Songs that might have fueled your imagination even more. Contact us and we will present them to you.

Warm regards,

Hessel van Oorschot
Chief of Noise