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Two music platforms for creatives are joining forces!

Dear FMA visitor,

Welcome and please take a bit of time to read about how Tribe of Noise might empower your next video project.



If you are a regular visitor of Free Music Archive you are probably interested in free and open music for your media projects. Tribe of Noise, as a musician-centric community, offers multiple options to get your hands on great (free) music for your next projects. Let’s explain.

Access to (free) music

Similar to FMA we use open licenses. With open we mean that the owner of the song invites you to download, use, remix and share music as long as you stick to some basic rules. Tribe of Noise is using 2 licensing models, free and paid.

  1. You are in need for music but unfortunately have zero budget
    Many Tribe of Noise musicians upload music on, a platform designed for musicians to connect with each other. It’s also a friendly online environment for content creators to sign up to (free of charge), find & listen to Tribe artists and download their music. Important: all repertoire on the community website is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

  2. You need access to curated, easy to search music and you have a budget
    We asked a selection of Tribe of Noise musicians to upload their music to, the one-stop music licensing shop curated by our music team. The search engine ( was designed with video makers in mind. So you can search for genre, mood, energy level, (non) vocal, etc. You can join this online environment free of charge and use tools like creating and saving your own “search filters” and “playlists”. This way you can save music & search settings for future projects. Licensing is a straight forward Pay As You Go service.


Recap Free VS Paid

What’s happening with FMA?

All the music uploaded to FMA that was still available on September 14, 2019 has been transferred to us. Our first step after September 18 is to launch these music pages back online at

You will be able to browse, listen and download but more advanced features have been disabled for now. In the upcoming weeks we will run tests and investigate the website performance. Based on the outcome we will make a decision to improve the “old” FMA website or invest in building something new.