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Augusto is an electronic music composer and producer from the Netherlands. He creates loopbased productions in a hybrid studio environment. This means: a combination of specialized musicproduction software and the sound of hardware instruments, like synths & samplers.

Songs by this artist

Cry Me a River augustomeijer 3:30
Deep Flight augustomeijer 4:06
Deep House Industrial augustomeijer 4:08
Drop It Deep augustomeijer 5:57
Fianchi augustomeijer 4:07
Fianchi (Extended Version) augustomeijer 8:03
Lullaby augustomeijer 4:22
Nighttripper augustomeijer 4:01
Profection augustomeijer 7:40
Tribal Skies augustomeijer 7:19
Walk Alone augustomeijer 3:52
Washoe augustomeijer 5:41
Zuper augustomeijer 5:06